What people say

Anne Hamming, author of Saving Lee, Finding Grace

Kathy helped me on all levels of the process when I wrote my memoir Saving Lee, Finding Grace. In the beginning, she read my first draft -- a very rough draft -- and she offered enthusiastic encouragment in all the places my story needed to be developed. She got me to slow down and flesh out parts of my story that I rushed through, and she did it so kindly by expressing a genuine interest in knowing more.

Later in the process, she helped me smooth many rough edges and spot redunancies. Stylisticly, she helped me see tools that I overused and she showed me some options to vary my style. She also helped my writing be clearer by untangling some of my longer, more confusing sentences.

Kathy reads widely so she has a very strong sense of story. More importantly, she is a very humane, kind person, and that shows in the way she edits. She has a good sense for places where warmth and humor need to be. She has a keen eye for things that could have unintended negative impact on readers and she helped me work through those to find what I really meant to say in a book that is meant to pull people together in greater understanding. She helped me find my highest and best voice as I wrote about an emotional and intimate story.

The best thing of all was working with Kathy. Her greatest tools are laughter and lightness. These are necessary for any writing project lest it turn into drudgery.

George Martin, President, The Arcadia Institute
Kathy has worked with me and my staff in writing a program manual.  She took our best effort of a draft and helped us transform it into a piece that invites people to pay attention and get into the message we want to convey.  She offered her ideas, but rather than attempting to make the work her own, she helped us to make our own voice clearer and more appealing.  What we had developed as a more technical piece became a warmer message to friends with Kathy's guiding hand. Kathy added compelling features like quotes and pictures in sidebars.

Kathy's combination of  technical expertise and general knowledge provided us with a context for our manual.  However, again she did not bring her skills to the forefront. They added to and helped illuminate what we had to say.

Kathy has also worked with me on a manuscript which I hope one day to publish.  She knows how to ask the right questions to help me focus and and require me to ask myself the hard questions.

George T. Martin, President
The Arcadia Institute
225 Parsons Street
Kalamazoo, Mi 49007